Indian Chief Portrait Tattoo by Ron Dolecek

tattoo shop colorado springs, traditional tattoo, black and grey tattoo, tattoo shop denver, professional tattoo, indian tattoo, back tattoo, native american tattooIndian Chief Portrait Tattoo by Ron Dolecek at Luck Devil Tattoo in Colorado Springs.

Lucky Devil Tattoo shop is located in Downtown Colorado Springs. Our professional tattoo artists are focused on giving each client the best tattoo possible. Each of our tattoo artists is an accomplished professional that is committed to the art and craft of tattooing. We provide artistic tattooing in a wide range of styles (black and grey tattoo, portrait tattoo, traditional American tattoo, Japanese tattoo, full color tattoo, new school tattoo, lettering tattoo ect.). You can view our portfolio here online, but we encourage you to stop by and see the shop, meet the tattoo artists and then make an informed decision about where to get your next tattoo. Thanks- LDT